Sales Rebuttal Scripts and Why You Should Use Them

Why use sales rebuttal scripts? Because every moment counts.

You only have a limited amount of time with your prospects. You need to make your strongest points that are most calculated and have the highest probability of getting you the desired business result.

Some salespeople and some Sales Managers are against using scripts. That's because when they think about scripts they are thinking about the lowest level of telemarketing morons or customer service people they have interacted with who are obviously using scripts and sound like they just learned how to read. But you're not like them. You are a professional β€” and professionals PREPARE.

Scripting is simply writing down the best words to use.

Using sales rebuttal scripts is not going to turn you into a robot. Scripts just serve as a vehicle for your emotion and your logic and the subconscious transfer of enthusiasm about what you're selling. Professionals not only take the time to prepare, they also take the time to perfect their delivery, their tone of voice, and their timing.

Don't confuse preparation with being "too scripted" and don't blame "poor delivery" on the fact that you are using scripts. Develop the best scripts. Perfect your delivery so it's natural, thoughtful, and convincing.

In sales, you face repetitive scenarios. You're going to hear certain questions, objections, and resistance statements again and again. You know this. So be prepared to address them by putting together the best rebuttals. This is called preparing, and it's what successful salespeople do.

Write out all the objections you anticipate hearing. Now choose from the best rebuttals from my Guide. Select the ones that are most suited to your product and your personality. When you hear a common objection, you can then respond confidently and completely β€” in a way that you know addresses your prospect's concerns.

You're prospect will think "Wow, they've really thought about this," and in this way you will be demonstrating that you truly value the prospect's time. And it's a fact the more objections you can overcome, the more deals you will close. Prepare yourself with the best sales rebuttal scripts.