Overcoming Objections with this Sales Script Template

Making cold calls, or following up on warm leads? ... Here is a sales script template to put your best foot forward and overcome objections before they come up.

FIRST START WITH the best possible opening statement. Create it, write it, re-write it and practice it aloud over and over until you "own" the words and can deliver them with confidence and conviction.

Why use sales scripts? Because every second counts. Every word counts. With the limited time you have in front of each prospective customer, you must say the most powerful things that are most calculated and most likely to get you the desired business result.

Don't confuse using scripts with "sounding too scripted" or "too salesy." Using a script is just using what works. It's about being prepared. The more prepared you are, the more you'll be closing the sale. Don't be a fool and think you can "wing it" — you should try to be developing the perfect pitch, over time, based on how you evaluate and improve your scripts on an ongoing basis. You want to do what works, don't you?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to creating your sales script template. For example, do you use your last name when you introduce yourself? … Do you try to build rapport first? (No). How exactly do you communicate what your company does, and in what order?

The idea is to communicate with absolute clarity. Remove as many words as you can to make your scripts totally plain, simple and direct. When you are cold calling or following up on warm leads, you must relate the following 5 pieces of information in the first 30 seconds.

  1. Who you are.
  2. What you do.
  3. Why you are credible.
  4. The 3 biggest benefits your existing clients appreciate.
  5. Ask if you can continue, or ask for a meeting at a later date.

Example sales script:

"Hi this is Jason from XYZ Corporation. We help companies to ____________ and those who've worked with us have achieved huge benefit A, awesome result B, and significant achievement C. We work with over ____ businesses in the ____________ area, including HugeINC. and ImpressiveCo. 80% of our business is repeat business, and there are good reasons for that. I know you could learn a couple things from what we're doing in the ____________ industry, and then if you think of us in the future, that would be great ... Would you have some time in the next week or two?"

Ok, let's take a look at this sales script.

Notice you don't say your last name. It really doesn't matter at this point. Take it out. All you are trying to communicate is what you do and why you are credible so that they "get it." You are not trying to sell them at this point. You just want them to be totally clear on what you do and how others have benefitted.

How you describe your business.  (the first "____________" blank above)

Try to include a benefit in your description of what you do. Make it relevant by stating that you serve their industry specifically. You can even say that you ONLY work with people of their title / role within the organization. Try these:

"We are specialists in ___________ for the ___________ industry, and we ONLY work with Vice Presidents of ___________, such as yourself."

"We specialize in helping companies ___________ and ___________, and we ONLY work with ___________ Managers such as yourself."

"We help companies to streamline their ___________."

"We are a high-end home contracting company for XYZ neighborhoods"

"We are home improvement professionals, and we work specifically with owners of homes like yours."

"We are an established industrial goods supplier."

"We are a phone systems simplification solution for the ___________ industry."

Example benefit statements. Be specific:

"Gives you a dozen more options when it comes to your XYZ strategy."

"Decreases your cost of ABC by XYZ%"

"Reduces processing time by 33%"

"Increases revenue by 23% within 6 months."

"Decreases turnaround time by 1/3."

"Gives you a serious competitive advantage."

"Eliminates expense to keep your cost down."

"Reduces XYZ usage by 45%"

Example credibility statements:

"MegaCorp, HugeBank and The Gigantic Firm have all chosen us to supply their office supplies."

"At least 10 homes in the prestigious 90210 neighborhood have selected us for high-end home repainting that increases the worth of their property."

"Locally, Spumoni's Place, Main Street Manufacturing and Springville's Best work with us because we have good prices for smaller volume orders."

"Last year, 103 companies with more than 750 employee laptops chose us to keep their systems up and running."

"Recently we helped a widget plant like yours realize $240,000 in savings within 90 days and increase throughput 4.7% within 6 months."

BY USING A STRONG OPENING statement you overcome objections before they even come up. You are establishing credibility, showing relevance to the industry, and making it immediately clear that your product or service will benefit your prospect. Combine this with your rebuttal book pdf.

Try this exercise: Write down 1) as many ways to describe your business as you can 2) as many benefit statements you can think of, and 3) as many "credibility brags" you can come up with. NOW start writing your opening statement.

Having your script totally perfected so that you are absolutely confident in delivering it will go a long way in overcoming objections before they come up.