Email Rebuttal Examples for Sales

With this .pdf I’m giving away some sample materials from The Ultimate Guide to Sales Comebacks & Rebuttals 2016. I'm doing this to teach you something actionable and give you something you can use right away to close more deals and make more money.

My second purpose is to demonstrate the intelligence and high quality of thought that goes into my materials. Every principle I teach has proven to be potent and highly effective in the real world of business. Also, everything is designed for you to learn quickly and easily – so you can apply it right away.

Email Rebuttals

Email is a great channel for overcoming objections. In one of the example emails you're about to see, what the message really communicates is that the competitors of your stalling buyer are moving ahead and threatening your buyer to some degree — and creating a “problem” — a problem that your product or service can solve. :) … you'll see. Grab it here:

Email Rebuttal Examples .pdf

Download this free PDF to get pre-written emails that tackle the following types of objections, and more:

  • “perceived lack of need”
  • “lack of urgency”
  • “lack of trust”
  • “price concern”

Go close that sale! :)