Common Sales Objections and Your Rebuttal Book

Are you in sales? … Do you have a rebuttal book by your side? If not, why not?

If you don't have a rebuttal book on your desk right now, or easily available on your computer — then you are simply short-changing yourself. Don't blame the economy. Don't blame your buyers. YOU are the reason why your sales are where they're at.

Are the rebuttals you're currently using effective in overcoming common sales objections? ... Then why aren't you closing more deals?

Using a rebuttal book helps you achieve 3 main results:

  1. It allows you to use the limited amount of time you have with your prospects to your fullest advantage. You must use the most focused, convincing statements to get the business result you want, and you usually have a short amount of time to do this.
  2. Developing your rebuttal book allows you to have the best possible sales answers right at your fingertips — the answers that are most likely advance the sale toward the close.

  3. Having your rebuttal book pdf near you when you are on calls inspires you to try new rebuttals that might be more effective. Are you trying new rebuttals on a regular basis? … Or are you using the same old responses you learned a year ago from your colleague?
  4. Everyone gets stuck into patterns that might not be working. To avoid this, you should make a couple attempts to try something new on a daily basis. Before each call, flip through your rebuttal book and decide to try a new technique. You're going to grow this way; and as a result you are going to close more sales.

  5. Different people are motivated by different things. They have different buying styles — different subconscious psychological needs and fears. Some people are going to respond more to one rebuttal, rather than another. If your buyer is hung up on a specific objection, then you can go down the list in your rebuttal book and try different types of rebuttals that might operate on different emotional, personal, logical, or intellectual levels.

I think I have read every popular business book on sales. Early in my sales career I used to read through these and think "I would never say that," or "that would never work," or "this doesn't work in my industry."

These are SELF-LIMITING THOUGHTS that you need to erase. And I realized this once I started trying new things on a regular basis. My prospects started buying more and my income went way up.

It's true that you can't expect different or better results if you keep doing the same thing you've been doing. But by actively using a new rebuttal book as a source of new sales ideas it will help you overcome common sales objections, help you grow, and help you increase your income.