Closing Techniques: How To Ask For The Order

Here is an excerpt from some brand new audio sales training material I added to the package this month. Listen to the salesperson demonstrate some ways you can just straight up ask for the order. If you feel like the sales conversation is in the right place, simply ask them to buy β€” even if it's just a "trial" close.

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* When you buy the Guide, you get a WORD-FOR-WORD TRANSCRIPT of the entire 1Β½ hour Mp3 Audio Training so you can follow along and learn all of the sales phrases easily. Also, there is no background music in the full-length training.

YOU CAN SEE THAT his closing techniques (of which there are many more in the full length audio training) often begin with minimizing the idea of cost, and/or highlighting the benefits of the product β€” then simply asking the prospect to buy.

Always Ask for the Order!

You can explain features and benefits all day long, but you won't make the sale until you ask for the order. So hopefully some of the segues in this short example will give you some ideas. :)