Closing Techniques: How To Ask For The Order

Listen to some audio examples of a top-performing sales guy asking for the order. If you feel like your sales conversation is in the right place, just ask them to buy! … Listen to how this guy does it.

Common Sales Objections and Your Rebuttal Book

If you don't have a rebuttal book on your desk right now, or easily available on your computer — then you are simply short-changing yourself. Don't blame the economy. Don't blame your buyers. YOU are the reason why your sales are where they're at.

Overcoming Objections with this Sales Script Template

Making cold calls, or following up on warm leads? … Here is a sales script template to put your best foot forward and overcome objections before they come up.

How to Close The Sale - A Look at 3 Great Closing Techniques.

Wondering how to close the sale? … sometimes you should just straight-up ask them to buy now. Here are three (3) solid closing techniques.

The Anatomy of the Best Sales Rebuttals

The best sales rebuttals follow a formula that helps you achieve micro-goals during the sales conversation. Let's analyze a sample rebuttal so you can learn.

Sales Rebuttal Scripts and Why You Should Use Them

Some Sales Managers are against using scripts, because scripts bring to mind the lowest level of telemarketing morons they have interacted with who are obviously reading from scripts. But you're not a moron. No, you're a HUNTER. And your script should be a finely honed tool.